Clean Sweet at Brands Hatch

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Clean Sweep at Brands Hatch!

A fantastic Morgan weekend that saw the Morgan Challenge at Brands hatch for a championship round and annual MSCC round.

In the championship race, the grid was split into two races with the faster classes (A,B and H) racing together and the slower classes (R,C,D and E) racing together. Russell Paterson was second overall in the A,B and H race whilst Tim Parsons won the R,C,D and E race outright, his first outright win! Tom Dailey also won his class with fastest lap and a new lap record.

The three awards available in the MSCC race were:
Outright race winner, handicap winner and techniques trophy winner.

Russell Paterson won the race outright in 99 OK. The newest car in the Revolutions racing fleet, generously supplied by Kennedy Care group.

Tim Parsons won his class in his +4 Supersport and the techniques trophy.
Elliot Paterson was second overall, won his class and won the handicap race.
Tom Dailey won his class and recorded another class fastest lap and lap record.

The cars never missed a beat, brilliant all weekend due to excellent preparation from Paul our race technician. A full team effort.

A perfect weekend for the team!

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors, without whom we couldn’t do what we love to do.
Kennedy Care Group
Aurora Spirit
Highland Smoked Salmon

Brands Hatch Team.

2016 AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge National Champions!

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Congratulations to Elliot Paterson on winning the championship! It is well deserved after an excellent year, winning every race but one, with two races still to go!

The car has been amazing all year,reliable and very well prepared. Allowing Elliot to race it as hard as he could to win.

It is exactly ten years since Russell won this championship, he is very proud that JR is now showing him how to do it.

With special thanks to Kennedy Care Group, without whom this would not have been possible.
JGOultonPark-100 4.5 mb

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With Elliot winning his class in the last three rounds in his “Kennedy Care Group” backed Roadster he now leads the Aero racing Championship with 6 rounds to go!
Tim Parsons in his “Highland Smoked Salmon” Plus 4 SS is now heading his class with two fine class wins at these events.
In addition father and son Paterson won the inaugural 40 minute two driver “family” race at Donington………..!!
All looking forward to the double header “away” round at Anglesey in late July!!

Win win win at Snetterton!!

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Elliot Snett winSnetterton

Elliot mastered the torrential conditions in his Kennedy Care Group sponsored Roadster to claim victory, by some margin, in both races…….his first outright victories in the Morgan Challenge!
In each case followed by “dad” having (almost!) tamed Andrew Thompson’s mighty Plus 8 to take Class A honours.
Tim Parsons fought his way from 19th to finish 6th claiming Class R victory and being awarded “driver of the day” for his fine efforts!

The perfect start to the race season for Team Revolutions!

February 9th 2016

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February 2016

At last………our news section is working again and we will be bringing news to you regularly…….not before time!

The picture is of our new Plus 4 and Roadster demonstrators that have recently landed….both quite different in “look” and both stunning!!

October 2015

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Well….. there have been better months than October this year. The tragic passing of our friend and co-worker Ian Dickson was a very tough loss for everyone in the Revolutions team.

For the full tribute to Ian, please look at the Ian Dickson tab on the website.

The racing this month included Donington on the first weekend, our attention was somewhat elsewhere with the collapsing and treatment of Ian on the Saturday. Steady results for everyone that competed for the team during that difficult weekend.

Then Snetterton to end the race season, what a great weekend! With team Williams Morgan, winning the four hour endurence race on the sunday, only achieved with the help of Tim and Elliot of course. Brilliant end to a brilliant season!

  • Tim Parsons finnished second in the class R championship.
  • Elliot Paterson finnished second in the class B championship.
  • Russell Paterson finnished third in the class B championship.

Well done Revolutions! A great season this year and hopefully an even better one next year.

September 2015

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Bo’Ness hill climb!! Great weekend, glorious sunshine and fabulous cars. Revolutions had a stand near the top of the hill and it looked great.

The weekend was absolutely buzzing and mobbed with people new and old in the hill climb world. The black ARV6 got four demonstration runs up the hill over the weekend and was constantly surrounded by adoring fans.

There are worse ways to start the day…….

Oulton Park was the only race this month and congradulations to Elliot Paterson who finnished second overall with a first in class in the slippery conditions. A father and son 1 and 2 in class was a great result, even if the order was the “wrong way round” for Paterson Snr.

August 2015

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A busy month for the racing side of Revolutions that saw us travel from Silverstone at the start of the month to a very wet Brands Hatch at the end of the month.

At Silverstone, we had three cars competing and at Brands hatch we had five cars running under the Revolutions banner with the new, matte silver ARV6 that made it’s debut that weekend.

There is now a serious debate as to which colour of ARV6 looks better…… Black or Silver?

July 2015

January 27, 2016 12:57 pm Published by

The ARP4 has just been released at Silverstone Classic! This is the newest model from the AR motorsport line. Contact us for more details.

Revolutions has taken a deposit for the ARP4 before it has been released!

We are also the proud owners, due to a trade in, of a perfect Ford Escort mk2 RS2000. This car is in such amazing condition it could genuinley be a show car!

More news to come throughout the rest of the month.

June 2015

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Wow!! Where did that month go?

June has been a crazy month, in a good way, Revolutions has literally been all over Europe. This of course is referring to our recent voyage to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium…. Which was the real highlight of June with much success for all our drivers.

In addition to Spa we had four race cars running at Rockingham Motor Speedway, where again all drivers figured in the points!

The sales department has been quite busy, this may have something to do with the great weather recently and the workshops, as usual, have been flat out! There is barely even enough time to do the news!!

Revolutions is looking forward to another succesful month in July.

May 2015

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Having promised more regular website updates we thought it best to get one done before the end of May!!

Been a busy month, lots of new and used Morgans in the showroom, well worth a visit.

AVR6 here too, for a brief rest after a very successful first out at Cadwell. Lots of photos on Facebook. Next race will be Rockingham 30th May.